The Army Canteen Latest Liquor Price List 2020-2021

Yeah! It’s Corona time and me, Shah Ji hasn’t stepped outside my home for the last 64 days. With no friends, no partying & no gehri, life has just stopped. The only happy hours of the day is when I ...
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Amritsar Train Accident on Dussehra Celebrations

Happy Dussehra – Is It? | Shah Ji Is NOT Celebrating Dussehra Ever

First of all, do you know why is Dussehra celebrated? Dussehra, also known as Dasara or Vijaya Dashami, is a celebration for the victory of Good over Evil. It is what we have always heard “Buraai ki haar - Achchaai ...
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Tik Tok Banned |Oh Seriously? WTF

You Can't Download Tik Tok Now - Fadd Lo! TikTok App has been taken off from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store after the government issued a ban on Tik Tok Musically app on April 18, 2019 ...
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Haryana Liquor Price List

Haryana Liquor Price list

Haryana Liquor Price list - Scotch/ Whisky/ Rum/ Beer/ Vodka Price - Panchkula इंसान का वक़्त इतना भी खराब ना हो, शाम का वक़्त हो और 'शराब' ना हो! For all the Tricity Residents, there is always a confusion regarding ...
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Chandigarh Liquor Price List | Sharabi Union Zindabad

We all love Alcohol, don't we?! Hello! And Thank you all, for the overwhelming response on my previous post about the Army Canteen Liquor Price List. I am glad that you guys found it useful. So to continue spreading knowledge, ...
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Chandigarh Stalking Case : Media Hype or Reality of Chandigarh

Turn on any news channel today and all of them will be showing the same thing. Whether it is Aaj Tak, ABP News, Zee News or Republic TV, each news channel is earning TRPs with the Chandigarh Stalking Case in ...
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From Panchkula to Sadhupul – A Short Journey by Aseem Shah

A few weeks back, my friend Jeetu called and asked me to look for a good quality tent for 6  people. I used my super ninja search skills and gave him a few options. Next day he calls to tell ...
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Army Canteen Price List Liquor

Issued in Public Service : The Army Canteen Liquor Price List

The love Punjabis have for liquor aka daaru, is deeply passionate and very well known! Out of all those who love daaru and drinking, there are those smart ones who get their monthly ration of liquor from their fauji friends, ...
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A letter of Thanks to Mr. Mukesh Ambani For Reliance Jio

An Open Letter To Mr. Mukesh Ambani I would like to state that this is not a political post but rather just a little something to share my gratitude towards the man who has directly affected my life and the lives of ...
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The Man behind the #LiquorBan : NGO Arrive Safe’s Harman Sidhu :A Road Safety Crusader or An Opportunity Grabber

The Supreme Court’s order for the nationwide Liquor Ban has been on every person's mind and mouth, in every city of the country. Social media is full of articles, news and videos supporting Chandigarh-based NGO Arrive SAFE's President Harman Sidhu's ...
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Liquor Ban

Liquor Ban – SC ruling leads to nationwide ban on Thekas, Pubs, Bars & Clubs

Almost everyone in the country is now aware of Harman Sidhu, the activist behind the nationwide LiquorBan of ‘Thekas’ and shops selling liquor on state and national highways. While the idea behind this is noble, getting people to avoid drinking ...
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Welcome to Chandigarh - City Beautiful

What to do in Chandigarh when you’re bored

Welcome to Aseem's Blog aka Shah Ji's Blog, where I share everything I have discovered about Chandigarh, Panchkula and nearby places in my many years of living in this city. In all my years of staying in Panchkula, there is ...
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Saketri Murder Ekam Seerat Panchkula Counciller Waraich

This City is going Bonkers! – Murders become the norm

Last time we told you about the murder of Akansh Sen, kin of Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh who lost his life over a petty dispute on Feb 9, 2017. In this horrific incident,  Akansh was crushed under the ...
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RIP Akansh Sen – The Story of A High Profile Murder in Chandigarh

From the last 10 days, there is one sad thing making headlines in almost every Chandigarh newspaper. It is not Bhagwant Mann’s News or Badal’s election update but sadly it is about a high-profile and really brutal murder case. Even ...
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Where Peace meets your Soul – The Nada Sahib Gurudwara in Panchkula, Haryana

The Nada Sahib Gurudwara is a magnificent Sikh Gurudwara, located in the city of Panchkula in Haryana. Perched on the banks of the Ghagghar - Hakra River and nestled in the foot of the Shivalik Hills, the Gurudwara is truly a ...
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No Hope – No Shine | Aseem Shah Panchkula Edition

'No Hope - No Shine' is Aseem Shah's Poem from year 2011, Panchkula. Each one of us goes through a rough patch in life. At such unpleasant time, I personally feel better by writing down my feelings on a paper, expressing ...
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Shah Ji - Music & Me

Music & Me – Punjabi Music for Life!

Sat Sri Akal doston! Kee Haal chaal ne! Ajj da topic hai music! We all love to lose ourselves in songs, when we're happy and more so when we're sad. I mean how many of us have listened to a ...
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Top 100 Punjabi Songs of All Time

100 Top Punjabi Songs | Aseem Shah Panchkula & Chandigarh

Hello there everyone! Looking for the perfect Punjabi playlist? You've come to the right place. These are the all time favorite 100 Top Punjabi Songs. A mix of Old and New Punjabi Numbers, Dhoom Dhadaaka all the way! If you ...
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Horror Kahaani – Shah Ji ki Zubaani – Panchkula – Mumbai Yatra

Yeh kahani ek satya ghatna par aadharit hai, iske sabhi paatr kalpnik nahi hai but fattu zarur hain 😉 I want to  start by making a confession. Rabb di meher nal, Shah Ji  (urf Aseem Shah from Panchkula) is not ...
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Tarry’s ‘Greh Pravesh’ to Aseem Shah’s Panchkula Home

Tarry, the badmaash labrador puppy comes to visit Aseem Shah's Panchkula home to meet his soon-to-be best buddy and play with Shah Ji in Tarry's own, unique way. Watch this little bundle of joy unleash his naughtyness on Shah Ji. This ...
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Meet Landration Jacky – The Landar Doggy | Chandigarh

Jacky, our lil puppy just introduced himself to his father Chatur. This naughty lil puppy's curiosity and fear to meet his dad Chatur is too awesome. Being a landration, Jacky is badmaash and full of energy. Please don't ask how can a ...
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Preeto 2 Parry – Chandigarh Special

Preeto rehndi Pind 'Phaggwara', Jithe Simple Sober Naaran, Uth k tadkey, chondiyaan dhaaran, Karda Siftaan kasba saara! Preeto da weight hai nabbey ji (90), Mintaa vich Ganna Chabbey ji!! Preeto da body odor ji, Laundi deo naa o powder ji! ...
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Aye Khuda | By Aseem Shah Chandigarh

Aye Khuda is a seasonal and rare composition from year 2011 by Aseem Shah aka Shah Ji. Aye Khuda, Main tujhse khafaa, Meri kyaa thi khataa! Kya gunaah hai kiya?? Jo mili mujhko sazaaa!! Naa khud ko samajh paya, Naa ...
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Demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 Indian Currency Notes

First of all, I would like to appreciate the efforts that our honorable PM Narendra Modi is making in making India a better country. At around 8:15 PM today, when I was just going to have a call with a ...
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Such is Life

Everyone goes through the rough phase of life, when everything looks finished, you feel broken and helpless. Same has happened to me  multiple times. The following lines describe how you can overcome it with your courage. Life is like a ...
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Few lines for my Mom, straight from the heart. Maa tu pedh bargad da, jidi thandiyan thandiyan chaawan... Har ghar khushiyan den nu, rab ne dittiyan maavan Maa tu dil hai, tu hi dhadkan, tu hi vasi hai saahan vich ...
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||| Meri Rooh Vich Mere Yaar Vassdey |||

A poem thanking all of my friends from Chandigarh, Panchkula and all over Punjab for being there in my life. ||| Meri Rooh Vich Mere Yaar Vassdey ||| Jeetu, Mac-G, Aseem, Micky & Vicky at Panchkula Maan hai mainu apni ...
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Happy Diwali Doston!

Wish you all a very Happy Diwali! May this Diwali bring lots of joy and success to your lives! Hope you all have an amazing Diwali with your loved ones. Brighten up your homes with the pretty colors of the ...
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Aseem Shah Blog Chandigarh Panchkula

Welcome to My Life!

The word 'Aseem' means 'no limits' and the title 'Shah Ji' makes it bigger than large. By the grace of lord Shiva & Swami Ji, I have been blessed with a life that others dream of. My biggest strength and ...
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