Tik Tok Banned |Oh Seriously? WTF

You Can’t Download Tik Tok Now – Fadd Lo!

TikTok Musical.ly App has been taken off from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store after the government issued a ban on Tik Tok Musically app on April 18, 2019.

I am writing a blog after almost a year coz this time I literally felt “Oye, Ae Kee?” I strongly disagree with the decision made by Madras High Court. (Judge Saab, hath jod k benti hai (request) – mainu na tang dena :P)

Before you all start judging me, I want to highlight that I do not even have TikTok on my phone and never made a video but trust me, I really enjoyed watching them. Just like “Life mein jeenay ka maza lo – TikTok ne swaad lyaya hoya si”

I think, either I have different fundas (listed below) or Bharat Varsh is still lagging behind.

# Tik Tok was total fun. Video makers and viewers were equally enjoying it. Daaru/ Cigarette ban ni hoi – Tik Tok Ban kar taa | Waah tere !!!

# As per the Madras High Court, the ban has been implemented due to pornographic content on the app. I have been seeing the Tik Tok videos for the last 6 months and I swear, I never saw a porn video appearing on my Instagram feed through TikTok. Looks like the decision makers were themselves looking for such content deliberately.

# If pornography is a reason behind this ban, then please ban WhatsApp since 99% of porn get circulated through this app. This is the same app that we all are using in government as well as corporate sectors for official and personal communication. Also, do ban Google coz if we search for porn on Google, we will surely get it in spite of the fact that the Indian government banned all my favourite porn sites like redtube.com, pornhub.com and youporn.com.
Aakhir Kaar “Jahaan Chaah – Wahaan Raah”
Syaaney kehnde han “dhoondne se to bhagwaan bhi mil jaata hai”, so kee kuch ban karo gey sarkar? Then, torrents are still ON from where we can get the HD quality of porn videos.

# Tiktok was a Chinese app and neither Facebook nor Twitter are Indian products. So, if it is “chinese items ka bahishkaar” wala funda, then it is totally BS.

# Also, see these useless articles on news portals:

TikTok Ban in India gets the best memes online – India Today

TikTok Ban Leads To Hilarious Memes And Jokes On Twitter – NDTV

TikTok Ban Memes Are the Best Thing On Desi Twitter Right Now – Mashable India

If you find these memes as the best ones, then seriously you need to raise your standards for humor. I personally couldn’t find 1 funny meme here. If you are seriously finding these memes funny, please contact me. You might find me a Kapil Sharma – Version B 😉

# Then comes people who are mocking the Tik Tok App video artists by writing “RIP all those who wrote ‘actor’ in their Tik Tok Bio/ Instagram Bio”. I find such people as the jealous ones who neither want to do anything on their own, nor they want to see anybody else grow. I have myself seen people getting famous through Tik Tok in One single day.


For example Garima Chaurasia | gima_ashi

Teena Chhetri

Nisha Bhatt | The Tik Tok Blonde Girl

After Nisha Bhatt got popular on TikTok, she got a chance to debut in a punjabi music video Feelingaa by Kay Vee Singh.

As Shahji drinks, eats, breathes, lives, listens &, watches everything punjabi, you will find most of the examples from Punjab. So people from other states, bass “bhaawanao ko samjho”

# Also, I found people saying that youngsters were wasting a lot of time on the app. Guys, the app has been made for people to spend maximum time. If something becomes a hit, it doesn’t mean you have to ban it. If I start an apparel store, I would want people to buy more and more from me and if it happens, it doesn’t mean that you ban my business coz people are wasting money. Parents have to discipline their children. Don’t give a smartphone to a child below 18 years of age. That’s it! It will solve 98% of your problems. Parents can’t blame others when they can’t themselves handle their kids.

# TikTok was such a hit that I realized that it was indeed playing the biggest role in making a song hit. Below are a few numbers that I first heard in TikTok videos, liked them and then downloaded them

  • Bahut Hard – Bahut Hard | Machayengey

  • Villager King

  • Teri Pyari Pyari do Akhiyan

I know there will be many who would still disagree with my fundas and that’s alright! Let everyone have fun, man! Khud jio, auron ko b jeenay do, yah to hai zindagi ka rasta.

Baki, if sarkar has planned to ban PubG, please do it before elections so that we ensure that BJP does not win the polls 2019. I know Rahul Gandhi himself played candy crush, he will never ban PubG 😛

Modi Ji Bach k, we digested the note ban but PubG nal panga na laina 😛

At the end, Aseem Shah Chandigarh urf Shah Ji would like to say one thing “Sadd Naa – Rees Kar’ 🙂 Live & Let Others Live 🙂

Love Shah Ji