I am You, You are Me – Mom

There is nothing in the world that I love more than my Mother, my creator, my teacher, preacher and my everything. If I have anything today, and I am anything today, it is all because of my Mom’s love and blessings. There are NO words in the world that could convey my love for my mother, but I try, so here is a small poem, by yours truly, Aseem Shah Chandigarh aka Shah Ji.

I am You, You are Me,
If You were not you, how unlucky would I be.
He gifted you ‘me’, but he gifted me ‘you’,
God loves me more, this proves it is true!

Simply Pretty, Brave & Strong,
Pleasant like a melodious song,
A Learner, A Teacher, A Beautiful Preacher,
Humble, Modest are her features.

She is Innocent, She is Warm,
She is Caring, a Beautiful Mom.
Pure and Sacred, Admired by others,
This is no one else, Its my mother!

Mom, you are perfect but have fault in the stars,
You are the moon, Your son is the scar.
For a perfect worst son, I have raised the bar,
Even Daddy will be crying, seeing us from far.

You gave me your life, I gave you tears,
You gave me strength, I gifted you fear.
I make blunders, I repeat and regret,
I give you pain, you still forget.

You aren’t human, You are God,
You are Devi, You are my Lord.
I am evil, I am bad,
Hate myself for making you sad.

Why don’t you hate me mom?
How do you tolerate me mom!

I cant tell you, what you are for me,
I find you everywhere, wherever I see.
When I close my eyes, I see you crying,
For each tear in you eyes, I feel like dying!

Mom, I owe you my life, although I don’t deserve to be alive,
Your dirty little son just need you to survive.

I am really sorry Mom, for the pain I give,
Please never leave me, You are my reason to live!

By A Devoted Son – Aseem Shah Panchkula (Shah Ji)

My mom is my muse and my motivation to write. Read more such dedications to my Mom here, Direct Dil Se.