Tarry’s ‘Greh Pravesh’ to Aseem Shah’s Panchkula Home

Tarry, the badmaash labrador puppy comes to visit Aseem Shah’s Panchkula home to meet his soon-to-be best buddy and play with Shah Ji in Tarry’s own, unique way.
Watch this little bundle of joy unleash his naughtyness on Shah Ji. This doggy is known for his over frankness, chamlittness and badmashi which you can see!

They say A Dog is Man’s Best Friend, and I can tell you that it is abso-frikkin-lutely true. Tarry is not only the best friend to Shah Ji but is also the bestest friend of his mommy! Shah Ji and his friends absolutely love dogs and are always bringing little stray puppies to Aseem Shah’s Panchkula home to give them food and some love!

Janhitt me jaari- Please be kind to stray dogs as all they need is lots of love and a little kindness. I personally have experienced unconditional love from them (specially chittu, shaggy and dooey). If you have to feed them, avoid sweet biscuits. Chocolates and Nuts can be fatal to dogs. Dahi, Roti, Rice, Bread are some good options.
Lets give lots of love to God’s wonderful creations, even if not your own.

Be Kind to all 🙂

– Aseem Shah Panchkula