This City is going Bonkers! – Murders become the norm

Last time we told you about the murder of Akansh Sen, kin of Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh who lost his life over a petty dispute on Feb 9, 2017. In this horrific incident, 
Akansh was crushed under the wheels of a BMW car in which Balraj Singh Randhawa was behind the wheels and his friend Harmehtab Singh Rarewal alias Farid was on the co-drivers seat. The main accused Balraj Singh Randhawa is still at large and the co-accused Harmehtab Singh Rarewal alias Farid is in judicial custody. You can read more about this in our previous post ‘RIP Akansh Sen
Sadly, it seems that human life has no value in today’s day and age of instant gratification. In the past one week itself, we have heard stories that can only be termed as absolutely crazy.
Case #1 – Panchkula Councillor’s Son killed Saketri Resident
A 26 year old guy Varinder Singh Sandhu from Village Saketri adjoining Mansa Devi Complex (MDC Sec 4) was murdered brutally by 9 people on Mar 13, 2017, where the main accused is Manmeet Singh Warraich alias Monty, son of a councillor from Ward No. 8, Kuljeet Kaur Waraich. Manmeet, the prime accused is a resident of MDC Sec 4 Panchkula. MDC Panchkula is the same area in which her mother is a councillor from from Haryana’s INLD party. Manmeet, along with his 8 friends had gone to Saketri to the victim’s house, dragged him out, beat him up with swords and other sharp weapons and then brutally and without any mercy, dragged him with the swift car to kill him mercilessly. And for what? 
Most likely something that hit Mr. Warraich’s ego and he resolved to ‘teach Varinder a lesson’. Oh sorry, in actual Manmeet had an enemity with Varinder’s cousin Avtar which started 6 months ago from a cricket match. Poor Varinder lost his life in an incident in which he was actually not even involved.
The horrific part of this incident is that after beating Varinder, he was dragged from the car in such a way that disfigured his face separating his limbs and teeth. As per the news, Varinder’s body was in such a state that it was even hard to recognize him by face.
Aseem Shah aka Shah Ji wants to ask his other 8 friends who went with him, that what the bloody hell were you guys thinking? Did you really think that you will get away with murder? Sure with their collective influence and money, these murderers might eventually get out of jail by compensating the family, but what life will you have? With a permanent mark on your life, and that too of a murderer no less. Do you think you will get it all now, by branding yourself as a murderers? True friends stop their friends from doing wrong things. And killing someone is so so wrong on every damn level, morally, legally and every other ly you can think of.
This case is similar to that of the murder of Himachal Pradesh’s CM’s nephew, Akansh Sen, another young man who lost his life at the hands of rich guys who thought that they should teach him a lesson, all because of some stupid fight or ego battle?
How is that egos have become so big, that all these rich/ influential guys think that they can get away with taking someone’s life?
Case #2 – Mohali Woman murders Husband, dumps body in Suitcase
Even more horrifying is the murder of Ekam Singh (also known as Aikam Singh), by his very own wife, Seerat Kaur on Mar 19, 2017. This is by far the biggest example of how we have started believing in the indispensability of human life for anything and everything. Seerat, niece of Congress leader Ajit Inder Singh Mofar, shot dead her husband with a .9 mm pistol and packed the body in the suitcase to dispose it off. This got noticed when Seerat and her mother asked an auto rickshaw driver to help them in keeping the suitcase on the back seat of the car. As auto driver found blood coming from the suitcase, he immediately ran and informed police regarding the same.
Although Seerat has confessed the crime in front of the police and the court that she had killed her husband, the police is still in doubt regarding the role of Seerat’s mother, her brother Vinay Pratap Singh and his friend in this murder. Another story that came to light was Seerat’s extra marital affair with a Nimardeep, a Punjab Government Executive Engineer who is well known to senior bureaucrats and politicians as he helps them invest their ill-gotten money in the real estate sector.
This all seems to be a planned murder as Seerat has confessed the crime and doesn’t want to involve her brother, her mother or the lover as she knows that if all of them get caught, the chances of getting her out of the jail becomes impossible.
Again, Seerat hails from a super rich family. Her brother Vinay Pratap Singh owns 200 acre land in Punjab. The most sad part in this case is that the couple has 2 little kids Gurnawaz (11) and Humaira (6). Imagine how they will feel, or how it will affect their mental health when they will learn that their mother is in jail because she killed their father. I shudder to think of the questions they will have, and of the hurt they will feel and most importantly, of the life they will have, or not have, because of a decision made in a fleeting moment.
All these cases have only one thing in common, that all the accused belong to rich families and did not think before committing the heinous crime of taking another life.
How is it that people find taking the life of another human so easy?

Aseem Shah, Chandigarh
Mar 27, 2017

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