From Panchkula to Sadhupul – A Short Journey by Aseem Shah

A few weeks back, my friend Jeetu called and asked me to look for a good quality tent for 6  people. I used my super ninja search skills and gave him a few options. Next day he calls to tell me bought the tent and asked me to look for a place where we can go camping in the new tent. Jeetu had Kasauli in his mind but a tent in Kasauli?? I thought we might look like “Shahi Dava Khana – Gupt Rog K Mahir” (LOL). So I suggested that we go to Sadhupul instead, also in Himachal Pradesh. Suggesting the place automatically meant that I am in for the plan. We hadn’t decided on a date so I thought its like one of those forgotten plans, like I always do when I am drunk. Fast forward to Saturday May 20 and I get a call from my friends; Jeetu, Mika, Soni 22 Rauni, Mandeep & one new buddy are on their way & will reach Chandigarh in 2 hours. As I was just about to go to Gurudwara Nada Sahib in Panchkula, it created quite a panic situation. Basic questions like “Should I tell or ask the family that I am going” became confusing! Chalo, hun Aseem Shah Panchkula Waley gye bondall. Anyway, I rushed to Nada Sahib, came home, packed the bag and said bye to my mom. My friends had come in an XUV, fully packed with the tents, gaddas, kambals on the last seat and one Jeetu’s friend lying on it. His nose was almost touching the car’s roof! So, they came with full tyaari and dhaansu planning.

The journey & travel time from Chandigarh: 

We started from Chandigarh around 1:00 PM and reached Sadhupul at around 5:30 PM. All of us were pretty happy after finding the river and all. We found a bridge and a kacha road going down towards the river. We followed it and reached a place where there were river restaurants. Due to a very low water level, they had tables right in the middle of the river/ rivulet. The place was looking fine, with a few people (mostly drunk) playing music loudly in their cars and dancing.

Sadhupul – The place:

Anyhow, we got a place to put our tents right in front of a river restaurant for 500 bucks, provided that we buy our food from them. That was fine with us because I had no plans to go for my business in the bushes with a water bottle in my hand. So we got a kitchen, proper toilets and a place to camp, all in 500. All in all a good deal! We rushed to set up our tents but since none of has had ever been camping before, it took double the time than usual to set up the tents. We had 3-4 guys youtubing it, watching tutorials and each one also applying his own punjabi brain. After a lot of hard work, we finally managed to set up the 2 tents and by about 7PM, we were all set.

Sadhupul ki shaam – Aseem Shah Panchkula waaley aur unke yaar:

The weather was getting cold but no fear, we had full protection from the cold – A 2 Litre wali Signature from the CSD Canteen. It was dark so we sat on the table just near the water and the trail of snax began, accompanied with pags, pags and more pags. By 10:00 PM, we were total talli and I can just remember the words “little”, “just little” from that point on. At 11:00, it got cold so we moved to drinking inside the tent. By 12:00 we slept off and took a good 7 hour sleep. The next day, I woke up at 7:00 and was feeling good. I had to wait till 8:00 to get my first cup of tea as all the restaurants were going to open at 8 in the morning. Now the weather was getting hot, hot and hotter. We all got ready, had breakfast and by 11:00 we had packed the tent. By this time, the temperature was almost 38 degrees hot, full sunny and my already anticipated hangover had begun by then aka Aseem Shah Panchkula walon ki watt lag gyi thi.

The next morning:

Now bathed, fed and badly hungover, we decided to walk along the river and explore as we couldn’t see anything last night. Not a very good idea in hindsight! So we started walking in the damn heat and I find people drinking daaru in the morning! I fel really pukish after seeing them. I mean beer is still fine but swerey swerey “Officer Choice” and that too on such a warm day is just too much. As we didn’t find anything interesting, we moved to the other side of the bridge which was a bit better than the side where we stayed. Atleast this side had 3-4 girls sitting *wink* . The only special part about the place was that while seated in the chairs, you can feel the water flowing with your feet, like the water goes right through where the tables are located. The whole place is based on the same thing. It is a good destination for someone looking for a weekend getaway place that is not far from Chandigarh, Panchkula or Mohali. Sadhupul, a river restaurant place, is ideal for a one night trip but not more as you will surely get bored the next day. I can’t call the place dirty but Sahdupul is not beautiful like a typical hill station in Himachal Pradesh. Due to very less water, we could see the mud & stones in the river bed which was not much fun to look at. The tables and the green net used by all the restaurants was like a “Ahaata”, something like Kaimbwala, Chandigarh. The food was very ordinary. Being Punjabi, yours truly Aseem Shah needs good, no awesome food when I am on a total fun trip but the food in Sadhupul was a disappointment. Also if you plan to get something from the shops, the bad news is that there are hardly any shops and what little of them are, they too close at 8:00 PM. Bhaisaaaab!! Abhi to party shuru hui thi and sabb marr mukk gya tha. Honestly, it is a total daru place so I wouldn’t suggest going there with family. It is perfect only if you are a hardcore Sharaabi. Also, I didn’t find any hotel or homestay there. I guess everyone is providing the accommodation as tents, which range between Rs 1000 – Rs 1200 for a night.

In conclusion, below are the points to consider if you are planning to visit Sadhupul, Himachal in May – June.

  1. No luxury
  2. Not much beauty
  3. River Restaurants is the only thing
  4. Food is not delicious
  5. Accommodation only in tents
  6. Every Restaurant looks the same. It is all green net everywhere.
  7. Total Sharaabi place
  8. Din me Garam, Raat ko thand….

I know I have been very negative while writing my views on Sadhupul but trust me it was quite a memorable trip because whenever you go out, it is the company that matters. As long as you’ve got your friends, all places will be awesome! Aseem Shah aka Shah Ji jaan warda apne pakkey mittraan tey! Jithey mere mittar, othey hi swaad, just like “Jahaan Pataaka – Wahaan Hum”

Jeetu, Mika, Soni 22 & Mandeep, love you all mere veeron.

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