Such is Life

Everyone goes through the rough phase of life, when everything looks finished, you feel broken and helpless. Same has happened to me  multiple times. The following lines describe how you can overcome it with your courage.

Ups and Downs in Life
Ups and Downs in Life

Life is like a highway, with its endless twists n turns..
Each day, theres a new challenge, to struggle and to learn..

Sometimes, its like a smooth road, you drive at a steady pace,
It doesn’t last long coz’ after you are born, you are already in a race.

The race to live long, The race to survive
The race to earn bread, The race to stay alive
The race to succeed, The race to shine
Defeating others and dividing ‘yours’ n ‘mine’.

Sometimes, its like losing a battle, you just wish to die
When nothing goes right, You get sick of your life

Life becomes tough, with no happiness or smile,
Losing hope & Faith, it is suicidal for a while

But then again, it is life not its end,
Its a curve in its path or a sharp bend.

This is the time when you need to be strong,
You have to do the right, don’t thing about going wrong.

Think about it as destiny, that we all have to meet,
Show World your courage, it will get under your feet.

– Aseem Shah | Panchkula & Chandigarh
@copyright 2014