Music & Me – Punjabi Music for Life!

Sat Sri Akal doston!

Kee Haal chaal ne!

Ajj da topic hai music! We all love to lose ourselves in songs, when we’re happy and more so when we’re sad. I mean how many of us have listened to a sad/ slow song while travelling and imagined it as the background music of our life! I know I have.

Personally, I share a strange chemistry with music. It is more like a ‘casual relationship’ in which you enjoy it for the moment rather than committing to it for life and diving deep into its complexities 😛

The kind of music I listen to depends on my mood, occasion and time of the day but I majorly listen to Punjabi Music. This doesn’t mean that I don’t listen to any other kind of music or that I work out listening to “chittiyan kalaiyan” in the gym. My mood dictates my choice in music, like I prefer soft old melodies in the evenings at home and techno/trance in the evenings outside home.

My morning starts with switching on the TV and watching MH1, 9X Tashan, Josh, Tadka and all. These all are Punjabi Music Channels that turn my morning into a real ‘Good Morning’.It is not just the music/lyrics that I enjoy in these Punjabi songs but also the amazing music videos and I feel that Punjabi’s are doing a great job in this music industry. In fact, they have taken it to an international level. After bollywood numbers, I guess it is Punjabi music that is enjoyed in India and all over the world. In fact, bollywood has itself replaced ‘item numbers’ with ‘punjabi songs’ as a ‘Bhramastra’ to make a movie HIT.

If there is any genre of songs that are perfect for any and every party and it is Punjabi Songs for sure. All shoulders automatically go up and down when a punjabi song plays. Any function is made better by punjabi songs, adding the fun in fun-tastic! From all-out dance numbers and beat infused bhangra songs to melodious romantic numbers, punjabi music has it all.

Not only are punjabi songs loved all the way from Punjab to Pondicherry, they are also celebrated internationally. Our Punjabi Music Industry has gone international & is growing rapidly and I am really proud of it. This milestone has been achieved by our talented punjabi singers, who have taken the punjabi language and culture global.

I call my relation with music casual  because I may listen to these songs at home, office and while driving aka all the time but I may get stuck after the first 2 lines if you ask me the lyrics. I don’t know if there are more of such people like me who love music but do not remember the lyrics or may be, I am the only ‘sample’ here.
I do not have any typical taste in Punjabi music as I may like Gurdas Mann’s Challa but I may also equally like Amrit Mann’s ‘Kaali Camaro’. I add a new song to my favorite list and I keep listening to it till I get tired of it and it becomes intolerable to listen.

I also want to add that I am not among those who say “Naye Singers ne Punjab Di Sabhyta and Sankaar da naas maar ta”. O Bai, move ahead man! If you don’t like it, DO NOT listen to it. I am a big fan of Honey Singh, Roach Killa & Badshah’s numbers and I feel that they do a great job. So, sabhyachaar, sanskriti and sanskaari people can stay away. Only the fun lovers can stay here! And for the fun-tastic people, I have compiled a list of my all time favorite, top 100 punjabi songs. Check it out!

Punjabi music is life and I absolutely love it. There is a punjabi song for almost every and any kind of mood. Aur agar nahi hai, to jald hee bann jayega! There are so many singers cropping up each day, and while some might be average, some are really really good!

So, what is your favorite kind of music? How do you enjoy music, what is your relation with it! I would love to know your thoughts!

Until then, keep enjoying life with good music 🙂


Shah Ji

Aseem Shah Panchkula, living it up in Chandigarh,