Issued in Public Service : The Army Canteen Liquor Price List

The love Punjabis have for liquor aka daaru, is deeply passionate and very well known! Out of all those who love daaru and drinking, there are those smart ones who get their monthly ration of liquor from their fauji friends, or army kids, and well, that is the smartest thing to do, especially when liquor rates in Chandigarh, and all over India rather, are increasing. 🙁

The best part about getting your liquor from CSD Canteen is that you not only get them at lesser price, you also get liquor that is less adulterated. You can gauge the purity of the alcohol you’re drinking with the severity of your hangover the morning after drinking. In my experience, CSD Canteen’s liquor keeps your next morning a good morning, one without a bad headache. Of course if you drink waaayyy beyond your capacity, then not even the best liquor will keep you safe from a hangover.


As is with any other drinker, I too have a thing for good quality alcohol, and as all other drinkers know, that does not come cheap. Aseem Shah’s secret tip is that I try to find out the CSD Canteen Price of the whisky/ liquor I want to buy. This helps me to decide whether to get it from the market or to call up my fauji friends!

One such time when I was really happy at the CSD price of the liquor I wanted, I sadly realized that not every person can find out the CSD Canteen liquor price list that easily, and as a good public servant, I am sharing the CSD Prices of Whisky, Scotch, Single Malt, Beer and Wines that are available in Chandigarh’s Army Canteens acquired with great difficulty.

One thing I would like to mention is that the liquor rates in CSD Canteens vary from city to city. For example, the price of Blenders Pride 750ml in Chandigarh is Rs 580 and the same Blenders Pride Price in Army Canteen Chandigarh is Rs 264. On the other hand, in Punjab, where a Blenders Pride bottle costs 700 in the Market, the CSD Canteen Price of the same would be between Rs 350 – Rs 400.

The Whisky, Scotch, Single Malt, Wine, Beer Prices mentioned below are the latest CSD Chandigarh prices for July 2017. There might be a decrease or increase in liquor prices in CSD Canteens by Rs 50/- max in the coming months.

This CSD price list will surely help you in keeping your budget under control when ordering liquor in bulk. Also, if you do not have fauji friends, then I truly am sorry for you 😛
I have Chandigarh Liquor Price List especially for you 🙂

Yours truly aka Aseem Shah’s small tip for those who cannot yet get liquor from Army Canteens is to be more friendly, make new friends, especially fauji friends and enjoy good quality daaru at lowest prices.


Without further ado, presenting the most important CSD Canteen price list to exist:

Royal Stag 750 ML PR Whisky Rs. 184.67
Blenders Pride 750 ML PR Whisky Rs. 264.08
Blenders Pride R/Collection Whisky Rs. 308.45
Antiquity Blue 750 ML UB Whisky Rs. 300.24
Royal Challenge UB Whisky Rs. 224.80
MCD Signature 750 ML UB Whisky Rs. 241.44
Black Dog Centenary UB Scotch Whisky Rs. 605.39
Teachers 50 BG Scotch Whisky Rs. 811.08
Ballantines S 750 ML Scotch Whisky Rs. 882.16
VAT 69 750 ML Scotch Whisky Rs. 553.76
100 Pipers PR Scotch Whisky Rs. 525.01
8PM Rare 750 ML Whisky Rs. 139.17
McDowell’s No.1 750 ML UB Whisky Rs. 147.44
Officer’s Choice 750 ML Whisky Rs. 127.66
Aristocrat AC Black 750 ML Whisky Rs. 143.62
Senate Royal 750 ML TN Whisky Rs. 151.42
Aristocrat Premium 750 ML Whisky Rs. 153.77
Officer’s Choice Blue Pure Grain Whisky Rs. 157.84
Red Knight Malt Whisky Rs. 168.63
TI Mansion House Pure Whisky Rs. 171.74
White & Blue Premium 750 ML Whisky Rs. 192.26
Brandy Morpheus 750 ML Rs. 264.17
The Rockford Reserve Fine & Rare Whisky Rs. 355.50
Black & White Scotch Whisky Rs. 583.37
Old Smuggler 750 ML Scotch Whisky Rs. 582.49
Johnnie Walker Red Label Scotch Whisky Rs. 902.29
Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch Rs. 1,747.43
Chivas Regal 750 ML Scotch Whisky Rs. 1,868.62
The Glenlivet 750 ML Single Malt Scotch Whisky Rs. 2,005.50


Nicols Rum Black Bull 5 Year Rs. 99.65
Contessa 5 Year Old RKH Rum Rs. 114.23
Lord Nelson 5-8 Year Old Rum Rs. 98.41
Tropicana White 3-5 Yrs Old Rum Rs. 100.12
White Hawaiin Rum Rs. 97.51
Mc Dowell’s Celebration UB Rum Rs. 104.12
Aristocrat X Rum Rs. 99.24
Jolly Roger Premium XXX Rum Rs. 120.94
Madiraa XXX TN Rum Rs. 99.24
Hercules XXX Rum Rs. 197.25


Breezer Bacardi Orange 275 ML Rs. 38.16
Breezer Bacardi Cranberry 275 ML Rs. 38.16


Vodka G/Apple M/M Remix 750 ML Rs. 201.63
Vodka Orange M/M Remix 750 ML Rs. 201.63
DIG. Vodka Smirnoff Triple 750 ML Rs. 220.88
DIG. Vodka Smirnoff Orange 750 ML Rs. 276.48
DIG. Vodka Smirnoff Green Apple 750 ML Rs. 278.11
Vodka Magic Moments Grain Rs. 187.19
Vodka Absolut 750 ML Rs. 857.77


Madera Red Valley Wine 750 ML Rs. 186.43
Fratelli Cabernet Red Wine Rs. 464.83
Sula Red Zinfandel Wine Rs. 343.18
Sula Shiraz Red Wine 375 ML Rs. 160.59
Carlo Rossi White Wine 750 ML Rs. 843.15


Sula Champagne 750 ML ( Sula Brut) Rs. 392.37

Well, there you go! These are CSD Canteen’s Liquor rates in Chandigarh. Liquor rates in CSD canteens of Panchkula and Mohali to follow soon!

P.S.: CSD, Army Canteen, CSD Canteen are all different names of the same place.




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    1. Arey nahi Sir, civilians ko nahi mil sakti canteen se.
      Aap koi fauji dost banao jo khud naa peeta ho 😀

  1. Thanks Aseem Sir for such a valuable information I have fauji friends so I am lucky in this matter.

    1. These are the REAL PRICES. Increase your knowledge and awareness.
      Padhega India, Tabhi to Badega India.

  2. sir please tell me if liquor suppose unsuitable our body so men are died or alive & alive for what reason. its a journal problem . my name is N. Sawale i am also X service man

  3. Sir, Is Anything in around or near Mumbai (Bombay) for this great Cantonment Liquors,Wines,Beer,Liquers etc …. it was a great info from your side
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    1. Sir, you will need to find a local guy there. Liquor Prices in Army Canteen depends on the Market Price in the city.
      The rates will not be same in Mumbai.

  4. Sir I need sum liquor Frm ur canteen as it is cheaper then outside can any1 help me out Bec I needed it for my wedding so can u pls arrange for me 30 bottles of black and white scotch whisky I m ready to give 650rps PER bottle if any1 can help me pls cal me on this number 9765399147

    1. Sir, Haryana k rate thodey zada hai Chandigarh se. Haryana ki daru ki quality bhi better hai. Main jald hi post karunga “Liquor Prices in Panchkula Haryana”

    1. I am sorry here. I am not into selling liquor. This is just an informational website.

    1. Sir, har jagah ki canteen mein market price k hisaab se rate hotey hain. Chandigarh CSD Canteen has cheaper rates because rates are cheaper in Chandigarh markets also.

    1. Sir, Chandigarh Canteen? These rates are from Chandigar. I will find if the rates have revised. It is just to give you all an idea.
      I am not into selling alcohol. It is just info. sharing website. Thanks

    1. Sir, the liquor from CSD Canteen is better in quality (no adulterations) and it is cheaper.

    1. Sir, for Haryana, I will get rate list for Panchkula but the rates may differ from rest of haryana.

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    A very warm greetings to you and wishing you the best of life. It’s quiet amazing and seriously endowed that how respectfully you reply to each and every blog or message you receive. Indeed you are blessings in disguise. My best of best prayers for you. Thank you and keep up the amazing work.

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