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Welcome to Aseem’s Blog

The word ‘Aseem’ means ‘no limits’ and the title ‘Shah Ji’ makes it bigger than large. By the grace of lord Shiva & Swami Ji, I have been blessed with a life that others dream of. My biggest strength and weakness is my Mom who has sacrficed her life in transforming me into a better human being. I have two lovely sisters who love me more than themselves. In my complete website and the blog, you may notice more about my ‘yaar, yaariyan and friends’ than myself. I believe one can judge someone by the friends he/she has. As I have been gifted with the world’s best friends, I think ‘meri pehchaan hi mere dost hain’.

Lakh takleefan de de rabba, bass ‘maa’ meri ton juda na karna,
Yaar mere hon naal khadey sada, fer pai j chahe Qayenaat nal larna
– Aseem (Shah Ji)

Although, weakness in english is a characteristic of every typical desi punjabi, I too fall in the same category. Still, when I am extremely happy or sad, I write down my feelings in a poetic way. The language of the poetry; english, hindi or punjabi depends totally on the situation.
If you find a mistake in my english, just ignore it man!

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