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Yaaran da Yaar, Nalaek, Desi atey Chakkma!

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Yaaran Da Tola

Always surrounded by ‘Yaaran da Tola’. I am lucky to have wonderful friends.



Life is ‘nee-rass’ if you don’t travel. Thats why I am always on wheels!

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Zindagi Lambi Nahi, Badi Honi Chahiye!

Thats the funda of my life, sometimes  it is awesome to be like that but sometimes it proves ‘GHAATAK’. Nevermind, I am the Dheet types.
My life has been so much challenging that I have learnt a lot. Infact, I am still learning coz I don’t stop making mistakes.

A situational “Quote” that I should quote now:

“Girtey hain Ghud Sawaar Hi Maidaan-e-Jung Me, wo Bacha Kya Girey Jo Ghutno k Bal Chaley”

So my life cycle goes like -> fun – fun – fun – ouch – oh maa – a break – dheet mode on – fun – fun – fun

I feel that I am blessed with amazing family, friends, colleagues & everything & I am really thankful to God for this. This website will be more of them than ‘me’.

I have lived in Chandigarh, Panchkula and in Punjab and till date I absolutely love Chandigarh. It is my home town, my dil ka tukda! Chandigarh is truly the best place to live in!

And if someone asks me, a thing I can’t live without, it won’t be my mobile phone, it will be my ‘maa’.

All the stunts have been performed by professionals or under the supervision of professionals. So iska ghar ja k pryaas bhi mat karna.

Aseem Shah Police

Haan Haan Main Crazzzy Hun…

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